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About NMS

This page is to explore all the concerning mathematics professionals to know and understand the importance of the field, affiliations and the activities done by Nepal Mathematical Society (NMS). We would like to welcome all our insightful readers.


Establishment of an Institute for enhancing mathematical research and education through sound activities was realized in 2019 B.S. The informal discussion happened between and among the most enthusiastic mathematicians and students of the then M.A./M.Sc. in a picnic program in 2019 B.S. Actually these parental figures of this institution were Prof. Ashutosh Ganguly, Prof. Krishna Murari Saxena, Prof. Govinda Dev Pant, Mr. Keshav dev Bhattarai, Prof. Dhup Ratna Bajracharya including the students Ram Man Shrestha, Shankar raj Pant. The very society got its legal existence in 2035/10/05 B.S.

NMS has been working in its core areas such as learning and teaching mathematics and conducting researchers to gear up the academic excellency by implementing the relavent researches happened in the very field right from its very inception. The society has regularly been concentrating its efforts in paving outthe ways to enhance its goal and vision so that they become the concerns of all.

NMS has been conucting various programs like seminars, workshops, conference and talk programs at local and national levels through the country to envisionits aims and it aims to continue such programs in future, too. The NMS celebrates the "NMS DAY" on 31st Baishakh of each year commenced from 2061 B.S.

The NMS have been carrying out many creative activities in the field to promote academic excellency. NMS has acomplished many invaluable activities like honoring well known professionals who put their endeavor to nurture the society and took interest to a system of sound academic discipline in the universities. For instance, it has been honoring the senior mathematicians and the winners of TWAS award.

NMS is hopeful to get continuous support and invaluable suggestion to achieve the objectives of the society in different aspects for taking new steps and extensive development of the society from senior mathematicians, professionals and experts and all members of NMS.

The NMS has reciprocity with the American Mathematical Society.

We would like to assure you that the tireless efforts of NMS will continue in future with much more real !!!

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